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Chucks Nation is back! Live in Montreal! March 24!

2012-03-09 12:28:27 by ChucksNation

After 5 years of seclusion, Chucks Nation is back with a new concert and loads of new material! We'll be live in Montreal on March 24 at Frite Alors! on Ste-Catherine Street. If you're in Montreal or nearby, you should come check us out :D
We'll be playing with (before and/or after) SOCIETY'S ILLS, SHOT BY JACK and POLE POSITION
So come have a punkin' good time! W00t!

Chucks Nation is back! Live in Montreal! March 24!


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2012-03-12 22:49:09

I'll try my best to make it!

ChucksNation responds:

Oh maaaaaaaaaaaannnn it's our first show in 5 years, we'll play first and we should be pretty tight and then 3 other bands, not sure it's worth the trip just warning you hahaha


2012-03-18 10:40:56

I'd love to be there, ... ATLANTIC OCEAN : Y U SO BIG ??!?

P.-S. : "Frite Alors!" ? Mmmmmm'okay ... I speak french but don't get the joke ... (if there's supposed to be any !)


2012-03-25 09:42:11

Oh fuck I would have LOVED to have seen that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come tour Australia?
ahahahaha :)