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Our album on Newgrounds

2008-03-25 00:13:26 by ChucksNation

Well there it is!
I put our whole album for free on newgrounds. Like it? hate it?
Let us know.
if you like it and/or you wanna encourage us, you can buy it on interpunk.com
http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item =68701&



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2008-03-27 10:49:56

Dude, ur Music Rocks!

ChucksNation responds:

Yay 1 comment :)
thanks Stumpmaster! I hope we have more in the near future.


2008-03-30 06:39:15

Fucking Awesome! Wish I could buy it though. Ah screw it, there's still Newgrounds.

Hey, i couldn't get any sort of info on Chuck's Nation on wikipedia. Just out of curiosity, could you give the line-up of your. No code names like Evil-Dog. Much obliged.

ChucksNation responds:

you mean who the members are?
It's me, Marco Arsenault on the lead guitar and some back vocals
Éric Germain on the bass and lead vocals
Richard Vallée on the drum
and we had frank on the rhythm guitar and back vocals but he left the band we're currently looking for a replacement :)


2008-04-01 06:22:28

You're band is amazing!

I'll have to buy the album shortly :)

(Updated ) ChucksNation responds:

Thanks that's good to hear :)
I added the direct link to buy it on interpunk in my Post


2008-04-03 05:16:33

Cool :)

I've bought you're album!

Will take a while to get here though seeing as I live in England :(

ChucksNation responds:

greatly appreciated buddy, I hope you'll enjoy it fully :)
are your friends listening to punk too? tell them about us :P
thanks again man


2008-04-08 17:37:59

The album came this morning =D

Havn't stopped listening to it :)

It's going straight onto my wall of faveourite albums :)

And I'll make sure my band listens to it!
Most of my mates don't like punk though :(

ChucksNation responds:

awesome dude, I'm real happy you like it :)
we're trying a new rhythm guitarist so maybe in a couple months we'll have new material recorded :)


2008-05-03 13:13:30

nice album, dude. i'm dead broke right now so i may be able to buy the album sooner or later but the cover's clever, the music's even better...just...nice job ^_^


2008-06-29 20:47:03

I love how your useing punk but making it have a tech guitar its the new age of punk right here.


2008-11-30 10:44:46

wow you guys are awesome!
i like the music!


2009-08-23 18:06:05

Hey Evil-Dog. Is your Music still up?
Please reply.


2009-10-09 17:14:29

i did not know u fuckers were on interpunk. ill be getting a cd soon then and kudos on busting ass.


2009-11-27 18:06:10

Chucks Nation ROCKS!!


2010-06-10 11:05:48

DUDE YOUR BAND KICKS MAYOR ASS keep up the good work


2010-06-15 08:54:33

Hey, could you please submit lyrics? please?
I Desperately need them.

Please reply :-(
Great Music :-)


2010-06-29 20:08:06

dude i just showed my friend just learned about you guys today and he already love you guys hes favorite song is zombeef and im so gonna buy your album


2012-01-23 13:07:52

hey! you guys fuuukin Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not many PunKz Out anymore! stay tight bros!